Sunday, January 19, 2020

My Tokyo Trip 2012: Ameya yokocho , Evening walk

( 10. Doraemon Place! Fujiko F. Fujio museum)

Hello Everyone, Long time i had been silent. But now i come back. In this blog i will continue about my Japan trip 2012. Hope you like it.

(  In this blog I recorded the video but sorry i speak in Thai. At least you can see how's my trip)

Many years ago I was at Lazona Department store with Tomoko (My penfriend) There are many shop inside.Especially Plus size clothes shop. Anyway This time i stared with Lunch here. 

Take a look the menu
Oh..I'm hungry

Next 10 minutes....
I ordered rice on top with raw fish (salmon)

My friend's plate, Rice box top with steam egg.
and following picture are food models in front of the restaurant

see, what they have....
After that i went for crane game. I relly like this. It located at  4th floor


Alpacaaaaaaaa Smiley
But i got nothing  Smiley  Smiley
after that i went to Ueno then to Ameya yokocho. The shopping street
Here it is




Then to Doutor coffee



 Tokyo sky tree 
At Asuma-bashi  bridge Nice plca for Asahi building  and Tokyo sky tree 






I stayed at Khaosan samurai 













Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My Tokyo Trip 2012: 10. Doraemon Place! Fujiko F. Fujio museum

( 9. Shinjuku at night)

(  In this blog I recorded the video but sorry i speak in Thai. At least you can see how's my trip)

I started from Ueno station to Noborito station. The following route is easy for JR PASS Holder

Ueno --> (keihin tohoku line)--> Kawasaki -->> (nanbu line)-->Noborito

From Ueno to kawasaki is about 1 hour

Actually this place is not too far from Tokyo. But it's not a direct train service.

train driver

After we arrived Noborito station. there are a shuttle bus to the museum

It's 200 yen per ride. It take 5-7 min to the museum

Inside a bus 

The museum ticket is 1000 yen, You can book at Lawson convenience store in advance
And the museum close on Tuesday 

Their are  audio guide provide in English Japanese and Chinese.

Inside the museum. Camera Or Video Equipment is Prohibit (It's about Fujio Fujio stories and authentic comic draft) But outside can take photo and video

in the restroom

Why i closed my eyes haha

In that time it celebrate 100 year before Doraemon birthday

And there is a coffee shop on 2nd floor. there are many cute snacks.

Drink price.


After we show a ticket from Lawson. The museum gave me small ticket like this.

with the staff


Many place to take photos with your favorite character.

From the 3rd floor we walk down to the 1st floor

After we walk to 3rd floor then we go down to souvenir shop

Doraemon stationary

Doraemon eraser 105 yen

This is a bus we took from the station. It's a same bus for the way back.

Bye bye doraemon 

Inside the bus

on the way back to the station

We arrive at Noborito station

From noborito we go back to kawasaki for Lunch, See you next blog